Fruit Trees

Whilst we particularly love apple trees here at The Mother Tree, we are steadily building the range of other fruit trees we offer. This year we have a selection of pears, plums, medlars, figs and haws, and why not have a look at our ‘Interesting Edibles’ page for some other delicious fruit?

Pear Trees

We have a small selection of pear varieties available – more info coming soon!

1-year bare-root trees available December

Plum Trees

We have a small selection of plum varieties available – more info coming soon!

1-year bare-root trees available December

Fig Trees

The most reliable varieties for UK climates, best against a wall or in a warm spot. Delicious fruit in late summer. Figs are grown on their own roots.

Brunswick – Larger, slightly paler fruits with excellent flavour and very elegant leaves. Very vigorous trees. Brown Turkey – Very hardy and reliable, with dark purple fruits. Less vigorous than Brunswick, particularly suited to growing in pots.

Medlar Trees

A small tree with gorgeous large blossom in Spring. Fruit have a rich, delicious flavour when ‘bletted’ in Autumn. Grafted onto Hawthorn rootstock. We have two varieties:

Nottingham A high-yielding and reliable variety.

Bredase Reus (Breda Giant) A very tasty, large-fruited Belgian form.

Edible Hawthorns

Related to medlars, makes a beautiful small tree similar to crab apples or our native hawthorn but with larger, edible red fruit in autumn. Beautiful spring blossom, makes a great ornamental tree, and like other fruit trees is great for pollinators and other wildlife. We grow two species, Crataegus mollis and Crataegus ‘arnoldiana’. The true name of the latter species is uncertain, as the trees grown in the UK under that name are quite different to the American species. Whatever the name it’s a great tree.

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