Fruit Trees

Whilst we particularly love apple trees here at The Mother Tree, we are slowly building the range of other fruit trees we offer. This year we have a limited selection of pears, medlars and figs, and why not have a look at our ‘Interesting Edibles’ page for some other delicious fruit? We’re working on a wider range for the 2022/23 season, including plums and cherries.

Please get in contact if you have any queries or wish to place an order

Pear & Quince Trees

It’s been a challenging year for some of our pear trees, due to late spring frosts. We have very limited numbers of a few other varieties – get in contact for more info. Gorham Pear: One of our favourite pears – reliable, disease-resistant and delicious. An imprved version of its parent ‘Williams’. Seems to do well in South Devon, where other pears often struggle. Available on Quince E (semi-dwarfing) or Quince A (semi-vigorous) Rootstocks. Serbian Gold Quince: Resistant to leaf-spot, so the best variety for South-West England. On Quince C (semidwarfing) rootstock.

1-year bare-root trees available November 2022 £19

Medlar ‘Bredase Reus’

A small tree with gorgeous large blossom in Spring. Fruit have a rich, delicious flavour when ‘bletted’ in Autumn. A large-fruited Belgian form.

1-year bare-root trees available November 2022 £15

Fig Trees ‘Brunswick’ & ‘Brown Turkey’

The most reliable varieties for UK climates, best against a wall or in a warm spot. Trees do well in a large pot. Delicious fruit in late summer. We also have a few trees of rare variety ‘St John’. Brunswick – Larger, slightly paler fruits with excellent flavour and very elegant leaves Brown Turkey – Very hardy and reliable, with dark purple fruits, slightly

1-year bare-root trees available November 2022 £12