Dessert Apples

Dessert or eating apples are delicious to eat fresh and raw. A wide range of shapes, sizes and rich, complex flavours. From earlies in August to lates that keep until March. This list includes some ‘dual-purpose’ apples that can be eaten either raw or cooked.

We mainly grow traditional varieties, with a focus on those which originate from Devon and South-West England.

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2022/23: Please bear with us while we update our website with this year’s varieties. In the meantime, last year’s varieties are listed below to give a rough idea of some of the varieties we are growing

In addition to the apples illustrated below, the following varieties are also available on MM106 rootstock:
Bens Red
Bidwell Brook
Cheddar Cross
Cornish Gilliflower (also on M9 Rootstock)
Court Pendu Plat
Duke of Cornwall (Dual Purpose)
Early Blenheim (Dual Purpose)
Farmer’s Glory (Dual purpose)
King Byerd (Dual Purpose, also on M25 Rootstock)
Leathercoat Russet
Longkeeper (ONLY on M25 Rootstock)
Lucombe’s Pine (also M9 Rootstock)
No Pip
Orleans Reinette (also M9 Rootstock)
Pear Apple (also M9 Rootstock)
Peter Lock (Dual Purpose)
Pigs Nose
Red Ruby
Richard’s Cheriton Red (also M9 Rootstock)
Rosemary Russet (also M9 Rootstock)
Roundway Magnum Bonum (Dual Purpose)
Taunton Cross
Veitches Perfection (Dual Purpose)
Winston (also M9 Rootstock)

Early Apples – Ripe August

Devonshire Quarrenden

A perfect English summer apple, sweet, crisp & juicy. A lovely fruity flavour with a hint of strawberry. Raised before 1690, probably in Devon.

Available on MM106 Rootstock

Second Early Apples – Ripe Sept

Ellison’s Orange

Rich and distinctive aromatic flavour, with hints of aniseed and a vinous aroma, reflecting its Cox parentage. Hardy and productive. Raised in Lincs., before 1900.

Available on MM106 Rootstock

Mid-season Apples – Ripe Sept – Dec

Egremont Russet

A classic Victorian russet, highly regarded for its distinctive sweet nutty flavour. A versatile fruit, working well in savoury salads and arguably the best companion for cheese. Raised before 1872.

Available on MM106 Rootstock

Flanders Cox

A red sport of Cox, with many of its qualities, but is easier to grow. The apples are crisp, aromatic and juicy with a distinctive ‘Cox’ flavour. More disease resistant than ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’, so can be grown happily in the West Country. Found in France, 1942

Available on MM106 Rootstock

Pitmaston Pineapple

Small russetted apple with a rich and distinctive flavour, nutty and honey sweet with a hint of pineapple. Raised in Worcs., in 1785

Available on MM106 Rootstock

Ribston Pippin

Intense, rich aromatic flavour with hint of pear drops, sharper than a Cox but with a greater depth. Yorks., 1688

Available on MM106 & M9 Rootstocks

Late Apples – Ripe Nov – April

Adam’s Pearmain

An attractive apple, with its unusual conical shape and a reddish orange flush over a golden yellow backdrop. Crisp and dry with nutty, typically russet flavour. Raised in Herefs. in 1832.

Available on M25 & M9 Rootstocks

Ashmead’s Kernel

A true connoisseur’s apple, with a strong sweet-sharp flavour, highly aromatic, firm, juicy and refreshing. A tough disease-resistant tree once widely grown commercially. Raised in Gloucs., c. 1700

Available on MM106 & M9 Rootstocks

Christmas Pearmain

Rich, mildly aromatic and full of flavour. A good balance of sweetness and brisk acidity, crisp & juicy. As the name sugests, flavour is best in late Dec to Jan. Raised in Kent in 1893

Available on M9 Rootstock

Cornish Aromatic

Sweet, aromatic, slightly spicy with nice acid bite. A good garden variety. Raised in Cornwall, before 1813

Available on MM106, M25 & M9 Rootstocks

D’Arcy Spice

Richly aromatic and sweet, with good balance of acid. In hot, dry summers develops a unique spicy flavour for which it is renowned. Raised in Essex in 1785

Available on MM106 Rootstock