Interesting Edibles

A range of tasty and unusual fruits, nuts, spices and useful plants

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Fig ‘Brown Turkey’

The most reliable fig for UK climates, best against a wall or in a warm spot. Delicious fruit in late summer.

2-year pot-grown trees, 70-110cm Sold Out for this year!

Medlar ‘Bredase Reus’

A small tree with gorgeous large blossom in Spring. Fruit have a rich, delicious flavour when ‘bletted’ in Autumn. A large-fruited Belgian form.

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Hazel ‘Webbs Prize Cobb’

An easy to grow and reliable hazel, with large clusters of tasty nuts.

3-year bare-root plants 80-100cm Sold Out for this year!

Szechuan pepper Zanthoxylum sp.

Aromatic shrub to 2 metres, pepper-like fruits with a distinctive spicy, tingly flavour are used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisines.

2-year bare-root plants 40-70cm £10

Siberian Pea Tree Caragana arborescens

Attractive shrub to 3 metres with fragrant yellow pea-like flowers in early summer. The lentil-like seeds are edible, and the extensive, nitrogen-fixing roots make it a great companion plant, especially on poor soils

2-year bare-root plants 40-80cm £10

Chinese Quince Chaenomeles cathayensis

An upright shrub to 3 metres. Pretty pink blossom in spring followed by large, fragrant quince-like fruit in autumn. Not to be confused with the much commoner Chaenomeles japonica.

2-year bare-root plants 50-75cm £10

New Zealand flax Phormium tenax

Elegant, upright, sword-shaped leaves to 2 metres tall. Not edible, but leaves are fibrous and can be used for textiles and baskets. We like to tear strips off fresh leaves to use as strong twine in the garden. Makes a great windbreak in exposed and coastal conditions.

Large bare-root plants 1.5m tall with a strong rhizome £8

Myrtle Myrtus communis

A beautiful, evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves and sweet-scented white flowers in summer. Sacred to Demeter and Aphrodite, and traditionally used in wedding bouquets. Black berries are used as a spice. Not fully hardy, so needs a sheltered spot and is most fragrant in a sun-baked position. Responds well to trimming and topiary.

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