Interesting Edibles

A range of tasty and unusual fruits, nuts, spices and useful plants

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Japanese Rose Rosa rugosa ‘Alba’

Bare-root plants £5

Sea Buckthorn Hippophae rhamnoides ‘Orange Energy’
Berry Sea Buckthorn Sour

A small, upright tree with beautiful silver leaves. Fruit have a delicious, very sharp lemony flavour very high in Vit C. Great alternative to lemon juice in desserts, jams and salad dressings. A productive female form. Male plants coming next year – one male plant can pollinate around 8 female plants

Bare-root plants £10

Pheasant Berry Leycesteria formosa

An easy to grow and reliable shrub which is great for wildlife. Spikes of white flowers with purple-red bracts are great for pollinators throughout the summer, followed by dark purple berries which are edible when fully ripe, and loved by many bird species.

Bare-root plants £10

Szechuan pepper Zanthoxylum sp.

Aromatic shrub to 2 metres, pepper-like fruits with a distinctive spicy, tingly flavour are used in Chinese, Korean and Japanese cuisines.

2-year bare-root plants 30-60cm available November 2021 £14

2-year Pot-grown plants 50-80cm available September 2021 £18

Siberian Pea Tree Caragana arborescens

Attractive shrub to 3 metres with fragrant yellow pea-like flowers in early summer. The lentil-like seeds are edible, and the extensive, nitrogen-fixing roots make it a great companion plant, especially on poor soils

2-year bare-root plants 30-60cm available November 2021 £14

Chinese Quince Chaenomeles cathayensis

An upright shrub to 3 metres. Pretty pink blossom in spring followed by large, fragrant quince-like fruit in autumn. Not to be confused with the Japanese Quince Chaenomeles japonica, or the ‘True Quince’ Cydonia oblonga

2-year bare-root plants 20-40cm available November 2021 £10

2-year Pot-grown plants 40-60cm available September 2021 £14

New Zealand flax Phormium tenax

Elegant, upright, sword-shaped leaves to 2 metres tall. Not edible, but leaves are fibrous and can be used for textiles and baskets. We like to tear strips off fresh leaves to use as strong twine in the garden. Makes a great windbreak in exposed and coastal conditions.

Bare-root plants available spring 2022 £10

Pot-grown plants £14

Chilean Myrtle Luma apiculata

A beautiful, evergreen shrub with aromatic leaves and sweet-scented white flowers in summer. Hardier than other Myrtles, but does best in a sheltered spot and is most fragrant in a sun-baked position. Responds well to trimming and topiary.

Young pot-grown plants £10

Japanese Quince Chaenomeles Speciosa ‘Nivalis’

An easy to grow hardy shrub to 1.5m tall. Similar to Chinese Quince, but with a spreading habit, smaller fruit (5-6cm across) and beautiful white blossom in early spring.

Bare-root plants £10

Alder Trees

Common Alder Alnus glutinosa and Italian Alder Alnus cordata. We have a few trees of each species available. Quick-growing Nitrogen-fixing trees help build soil fertility. Excellent as part of the canopy layer of a forest garden.

Bare-root trees available from November 2022 £5