Modern Apples

Large, attractive apples that are crisp, crunchy, sweet and juicy, but may lack the complex flavours of some heritage varieties. Bred in the 20th and 21st centuries for commercial growing, so make productive, usually disease-resistant trees.

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Early Apples – Ripen in August


Easy to grow with good disease resistance. Good flavour with a slight strawberry note in good summers. One of the best early apples and the only one that will store for a week or two after picking. Raised in Essex, 1949.

Available on MM106, M9 & M27


A sport of ‘Discovery’, with distinctive pink flesh. Found in Worcs., 2005.

Available on M9

2nd Early Apples – Ripen in September

Katy (AKA ‘Katja’)

Vigorous, fertile and very well-suited to cool temperate climates. Crops reliably regardless of summer weather – fruit often requires thinning. Attractive shiny red fruit are juicy and refreshing with a mild flavour. Raised in Sweden, 1947.

Available on MM106, M9 & M27


An excellent dessert apple that has quickly established itself as one of the most successful garden apple varieties. One of the most reliable early varieties, with a rich and complex flavour. Raised in Kent, 1980.

Available on M9

Mid-season Apples – Ripen Oct – Dec


Rapidly becoming one of the most popular fruit in the USA. Crisp, sweet, apples on hardy, productive, disease-resistant trees. Raised in Minnesota, 1974

Available on M9



Excellent, productive, disease-resistant apple for organic growing. Sweet, crisp flavour, in a hot summer can develop hints of strawberry. Raised in the Czech Republic, 1990s.

Available on M9

Red Windsor

A sport of ‘Alkmene’ aka ‘Early Windsor’. A rich flavour, somewhat similar to Cox, (its parent) but a little more juicy. More disease-resistant than Cox. Raised in Germany in the 1930s

Available on M9


Good garden alternative to Cox (its parent), being easier to grow, especially in a wetter climate. Juicy with good, strong flavour. Raised in Kent, 1933.

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Flanders Cox

A red sport of Cox, with many of its qualities, but easier to grow. The apples are crisp, aromatic and juicy with a distinctive ‘Cox’ flavour. More disease resistant than ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’, so can be grown happily in the West Country. Found in France, 1942

Available on M27

Late Apples – Ripen Nov – Feb

Bright Future

Bred to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the charity ‘Garden Organic’. An attractive apple with excellent flavour and good disease resistance. The flesh is dense, with rich aromatic qualities, and an attractive fruity note. Raised in Kent, 2008

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One of the best Cox-style apples, and much easier to grow being fairly disease free. Crisp and juicy with rich vinous flavour, similar to Cox. Raised in Kent, 1972

Available on MM106 & M27


Large fruit on vigorous trees. Sweet and rich flavour, with a good balance of sharpness. A a versatile apple, excellent for eating fresh and also good for culinary use and also for juice. Raised in New York State in 1943.

Available on M9

Kidd’s Orange Red

A good, disease-resistant alternative to Cox’s Orange Pippin (its parent), with a sweet complex flavour and crisp texture. Raised in New Zealand, 1924.

Available on MM106