Cider Apples

Heavy cropping trees on vigorous ‘M25’ rootstock. Juicy apples with a range of sweet, sour and bitter flavours which can be blended to produce a perfect pint. Whilst most aren’t very tasty to eat directly, some sweet varieties are dual purpose and can be eaten raw or cooked.

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All apple trees are £15 for a bare-root 1-year maiden tree. Cider apple varieties are only available on vigorous ‘M25’ rootstock.

Please bear with us while we update our photos and descriptions.

Black Dabinett, Medium Bittersweet, Cider

Browns Apple, Full Sharp, Cider

Colemans Seedling, Sharp, Cider

Dolls Eye, Sweet, Cider & Dessert

Halstow Natural, Sweet, Cider

Kingston Black, Medium Bittersharp, Cider

Morgan Sweet, Sweet, Cider & Dessert

Sugar Bush, Sweet, Cider & Dessert

Sweet Alford, Sweet, Cider

Sweet Coppin, Sweet, Cider

Tom Putt, Sharp, Cider & Cooker

Tremletts Bitter, Full Bittersweet, Cider

Yarlington Mill, Mild Bittersweet, Cider

Available on M9