Pheasant Berry


Plant Type: A deciduous medium shrub with lush green leaves and trailing white and claret flowers in mid to late summer
Fruit: Pendent strings of burnt caramel flavoured soft berries
Size: approx 2m height, 90cm spread
Hardy: Reasonably hardy
Origin: Himalayas

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Leycesteria formosa is a popular garden plant in the UK, grown for its pendent strings of pale flowers subtended by deep pink bracts. It was introduced from its native Himalayas as an ornamental and as food for pheasants – hence the main English common name “pheasant berry” – raised as game birds, which relish the ripe fruits. When fully ripe and deep purple-brown the fruits are also edible by humans, having a mild caramel/chocolate flavour, although they are bitter and acrid when unripe.

Leycesteria are often referred to as Himalayan Honeysuckle.


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