Soft Fruit

Fresh, delicious berries and currants throughout the summer on shrubs that are easy to grow in sun or shade and give high yields of fruit.

Vigorous bare-root plants, 30-60cm tall are available from December. £5 each or 3 for £12.50 – mix and match different varieties.

Potted plants are £8 each, available all year.


Well known for their high levels of vitamin C, these berries are the original ‘superfood’! Easy to grow and very hardy. See below for our full range of blackcurrant varieties


We are passionate about this delicious, very British fruit! Rarely seen in supermarkets, and then usually only the mouth-puckeringly unripe fruit. However, if left to fully ripen on the bush, these turn rich reds or yellows and are delicious raw – a gourmet experience only available to those who grow their own. See below for our full range of gooseberry varieties

Hybrid berries

These hybrids are vigorous, very easy to grow and produce vitamin rich ‘superfood’ berries with a range of different and exciting flavours, rarely available in the shops. See below for our range of cane fruit and blackcurrant hybrids


AnneliiEarly-seasonDark red fruit with good flavour on vigorous plants
Hino RedEarly-seasonDark red fruit with good flavour on vigorous plants
Black VelvetMid-seasonDark red fruit with excellent flavour on vigorous, easy to grow plants
Hino YellowMid-seasonYellow fruit with good flavour on compact bushes.
Yellow ChampagneMid-seasonGourmet heritage yellow fruited variety, smaller than some other varieties but an excellent dessert fruit


Ben GairnEarly-seasonHigh yields of large fruit. A modern, reversion-resistant variety.
BarchatnajaMid-seasonVery hardy and high yielding Russian variety with large fruit. Frost resistant and self-sterile.
Ben AlderMid-seasonHigh yields of large fruit, late flowering.
Ben HopeMid-seasonHigh yields on vigorous bushes. Excellent flavour and resistant to big bud mite.
Big BenMid-seasonHeavy cropping with extra large fruit of excellent, sweet flavour. Disease resistant
KosmichesnayaMid-seasonVery hardy, frost resistant Russian variety
Ben LomondMid to late seasonLarge fruit with excellent flavour. Late flowering.
Ben MoreMid to late seasonHeavy yields of very large fruits. Very late flowering, vigorous bushes.
Black RewardMid to late seasonVery vigorous, high yielding bushes, with medium sized fruits. Late flowering.
Hybrid berries
JostaberryA hybrid between gooseberry and blackcurrant, inheriting the best characters of both parents. A very vigorous, disease-resistant, thornless bush with fruits larger than blackcurrants. The rich flavour is less overpowering than blackcurrants, great on their own or mixed with other berries
ChuckleberryA new, complex hybrid between blackcurrant, gooseberry and redcurrant. Early fruiting and high yielding, with berries larger than blackcurrants with complex mix of flavours from all three parents.
LoganberryA vigorous, heavy cropping cane fruit, originating as a hybrid between raspberry and blackberry. Grow as for blackberries, but fruit are a deep red, with a rich fruity flavour
SunberryA new high-yielding hybrid with a long fruiting season. Flavour is similar to Loganberry but sweeter and darker, appearing like a giant blackberry.

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