Season: Mid-season
Harvest: October
Ripe: October – November
Origin: Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire 19th Century
Pollination group: C
Description: ‘Conference’ pears are medium-sized, slender and elongated. The fruits are green in colour with a light brown rusting and turn yellow when fully ripe. The delicate, white-yellow flesh of the ‘Conference’ pear melts in the mouth. The pears are sweet and very juicy, with a pleasant acidity and a slight muscat flavour.

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A delicious pear and one of the best choices for shadier and colder spots, Conference is the UK’s most widely grown garden variety.

It is ideal for training on wires as a cordon or espalier and is the only variety we recommend for North facing walls.

Conference will fruit quite well by itself, but the crop size and fruit quality is much better when your trees are pollinated.

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Semi-dwarfing Quince C, Semi-vigorous Pyrodwarf, Semi-vigorous Quince A


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