Dittisham Ploughman


Use: Cooking/Dessert
Season: Early Season
Harvest: Early to mid-August
Origin: 19th Century, Dittisham, Devon
Pollination group: E, partially self-fertile
Description: The flesh is juicy and lends itself well to making excellent jam. The plum has a rich sweet taste and a smell reminiscent of honey and grapes, so can also be enjoyed fresh for eating.

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The Dittisham Plum, or Ploughman as it is also known, grows in Dittisham, a small village on the banks of the River Dart, South Devon. It is believed to be unique to this village and people used to flock to Dittisham during the season to taste this rare and delicious plum. It has a very short season (just 10 days long!) in early/mid-August.

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