Fruiting Hawthorns – Crataegus spp.


Crataegus Mollis: A deciduous tree growing 9-12 m (29-39ft) tall. Flowers from May to June, and the scarlet fruits ripen in September. AKA Downy Hawthorn due to soft hairy foliage.

Crataegus x dippeliana: A small round-headed tree to 6 m (20 ft) tall. It bears plentiful sweet, tasty and juicy red fruits in early autumn. Grows in any reasonable soil in sun or part shade; hardy to -23ºC.

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Hawthorn fruits are great for teas, fruit leather, jams, ketchup etc.

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Crataegus spp.

Crataegus mollis, Crataegus x dippeliana


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