Glou Morceau


Season: Late
Harvest: October
Ripe: December – January
Origin: Belgium, 1750s
Pollination group: D
Description: An excellent dessert pear but requiring warm conditions for best flavour.

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Medium to large, oval to pyriform shaped fruit. Smooth, greenish yellow skin with very little russetting. White, juicy, smooth flesh. Very sweet, rich flavour but requiring warm conditions to develop fully. Fruit hangs well on the tree and is best left to ripen on the tree for as long as possible.

Spreading tree of moderate vigour. Reliable, heavy cropper which may need thinning in some years. Best grown in a warm sheltered garden or on a south facing wall.

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Semi-dwarfing Quince E, Semi-vigorous Pyrodwarf, Semi-vigorous Quince A


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