Marjorie’s Seedling

Use: Cooking/Dessert
Season: Late season
Harvest: Late September
Origin: Berkshire UK, 1912
Pollination group: E, partially self-fertile
Description: A very popular late plum mainly for culinary use but also a reasonable dessert plum

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Found by G W Layley at Hillfoot Farm, Beenham, Berkshire, UK in 1912 and introduced in 1928. Adopted and still grown as a commercial variety in the UK.

Medium large, oval-oblong fruit. Bloomy, blue-black skin. Firm and juicy, greenish yelow flesh. Clinging stone. In a good season it can be very sweet and good as a dessert plum. Can be lacking in flavour and colour in a poor season. Good for cooking. Fruit hangs well on the tree until the first autumn frosts.

Vigorous upright tree. Heavy cropping.

Bacterial Canker – Very resistant
Silver Leaf – Very resistant


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