Benita Rafzas


Season: Early
Harvest: Late September – early October
Ripe: September – October
Origin: Rafz, Switzerland, 1980s
Pollination group: B
Description: An unusual hybrid pear, which combines the melting sweet flavours of a classic European pear with the crisp juicy texture of an Asian or “Nashi” pear.

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As with all Asian pears, the fruits actually resemble golden yellow apples, sometimes with some russet. They also have the crunchy crispness of an apple.

Benita Rafzas is best treated as an Asian pear when it comes to caring for it in the garden. That means planting it in full sun and giving it plenty of space.

Cropping is generally very light in UK conditions.

It will cross-pollinate with both Asian and European pears which are in flower at the same time – it flowers near the start of the pear blossom season. It is cold-hardy and generally disease-free.

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Semi-dwarfing Quince E, Semi-vigorous Pyrodwarf, Semi-vigorous Quince A


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