Doyenne du Comice


Season: Late
Harvest: November
Ripe: November – December
Origin: Comice Horticole, Anger, France, 1849
Pollination group: C (except Onward)
Description: Doyenne du Comice is an all-time classic dessert pear, one of the most popular on European farms. Very sweet, with perfectly juicy, melting flesh. Pale yellow when ripe, sometimes they develop a bit of russeting or a bit of a rosy flush.

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They are vigorous, upright and heavy cropping. They flower late, so they are suitable for frosty places.

They are best picked when still green and then stored in a cold place, where they will slowly ripen.
To ripen them quickly, bring some into a warm room & they will be ready in about 2 days.

Comice is susceptible to scab but resistant to mildew: this makes them a better choice for the East of England & Scotland, not so good for Wales or the West of England where scab is more common.

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Semi-dwarfing Quince C, Semi-vigorous Pyrodwarf, Semi-vigorous Quince A


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