Apple Trees

We offer a range of apple varieties, with a focus on traditional varieties from Devon and Southwest England. We’re particularly keen on bringing rediscovered local varieties back into cultivation. We can also custom-graft trees if you have a favourite old apple tree that you want to save or give as gifts to friends and family, or you want to take a favourite tree with you when you move house.

Our apples are available on three different rootstocks, which determine the eventual height of your tree. Whether you have a large pot on the patio, want to plant a backyard orchard, or anything in between – there is an apple tree for you!

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The nursery is split between Henri’s Field (opposite Schumacher College) and our propagation area near the Old Craft Education Building. We’re usually around on Thursday, 9AM to 1PM. Pop in and say hi or drop us a line to check our schedule this week.

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