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Apple Trees

Finding the choice of apple varieties confusing? Some hints and tips to pick the right apple for you.

Other Fruit Trees

A comprehensive guide to our other fruit trees; pears, plums, quinces, medlars, figs and many more.

Nut Trees

Want to grow some nuts but don’t know where to start? Have a look through our varieties to see what piques your interest.

Soft Fruit

Want to extend your season and broaden your palate? Choose from our extensive list of soft fruit varieties.

Interesting Edibles

Interested in trying something new? Meet our unusual crop plants…


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The Mother Tree is a partnership between Richard Lewis and Schumacher College, a department of The Dartington Hall Trust, which is registered in England as a company limited by guarantee (no. 1485560) and a charity (no. 279756).

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The nursery is split between Henri’s Field (opposite Schumacher College) and our propagation area near the Old Craft Education Building. We’re usually around on Thursday, 9AM to 1PM. Pop in and say hi or drop us a line to check our schedule this week.

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